froMOS Dienstleistungen Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Anpassung * Schulung * Installation * Entwicklung * PlugIns * CRM Individuell

Websites SEO Typo3 Wordpress Contao

Websites / Webapplikationen
Typo3 * Wordpress * Contao * SEO Optimierung * Entwicklung * Beratung

Individuelle CRM Unternehmenssoftware

Individuelles CRM
froMOS Business Management System * CRM Unternehmenssoftware

Softwareentwicklung C# Webapps

Individuelle Lösungen für Unternehmen

froMOS Analisis, Design and Realization of individual enterprise solutions (ERP CRM POS)

froMOS software development - individual solutions CRM, ERP, Cash, POS


individual software - development based on Java, ASP.NET oder Delphi, DOT Net, Microsoft Framework

SQL Database solutions (Client/Server),  Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Interbase

Enterprise software solutions based on complex component library

Web- Intranetsolutions, Web Applications

Connection of exteral devices (card reader , telephone etc. EC-Cash)

Design of WEB Sites