Fertigung Beschaffung und Einkauf in China

Fertigung in China
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Fertigung Beschaffung und Einkauf in China

Herstellung in China
Keine eigene Vorortpräsenz in China für eurpäische Unternehmen nötig...

Fertigung in China

Beschaffung in China
Kein eigenes finanzielles Risiko für eurpäische Unternehmen...

Serienfertigung individueller Zeichnungsteile in China

Serienfertigung in China
Individuelle Teile mit technisch organisatorischer Betreuung aus Deutschland...

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Zulieferung aus China
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23.1.2020 : 17:46


Mini-Hoists from China

The froMOS GmbH is a procurement partner for european customers. Together with his Chinese partner enterprise, froMOS offers machining and manufacturing services for a production of custom manufactured parts (drawing parts)  with European quality standards in China.

This can be sintermetal-parts, casting- and forging parts, bending- and stemping parts, cold flow pressing parts and other mechanical manufactured parts or groups. For years, the froMOS GmbH is a stable supplier under production conditions, particularly for the automobile industry in Germany, Austria and Italy.

In this connection froMOS offers also products, produced by our suppliers in China in own production, such as CE-certified mini-hoists.

These universally mini lever hoists are portable in a bag on the belt and can be easy used for various applications to transport. 

They facilitate the lifting of loads in the private and the commercial sector considerably, especially when fixed hoists are not available and a functional solution must be created.

These mini-lever hoists are hand-operated and therefore no electricity is required.

The following types are being advised by the froMOS GmbH sold and shipped directly.

The mini hoist are offered in the following variants:

  • lifting capacity 1500 kg
  • lifting capacity 3000 kg

The mini-hoists have a good price performance ratio.

Optionally, we can print your own logo on the bags and in this way, the mini-chain hoists well as offer an attractive giveaway.

Gladly we will make you some individual offer.

The aforementioned mini-lever hoists are characterized by a first-class quality and high reliability and can easy be used.

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