Fertigung Beschaffung und Einkauf in China

Fertigung in China
Sinterform- * Kaltfliesspress- * Stanz- und Biege- * Guss- * Schweissteile * CNC Bearbeitung

Fertigung Beschaffung und Einkauf in China

Herstellung in China
Keine eigene Vorortpräsenz in China für eurpäische Unternehmen nötig...

Fertigung in China

Beschaffung in China
Kein eigenes finanzielles Risiko für eurpäische Unternehmen...

Serienfertigung individueller Zeichnungsteile in China

Serienfertigung in China
Individuelle Teile mit technisch organisatorischer Betreuung aus Deutschland...

Beschaffung Einkauf Zulieferung China

Zulieferung aus China
froMOS Komplettservice für die metallverarbeitende Industrie...

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froMOS Taucha/Leipzig (Saxonia/Germany - China) Weblog/News

froMOS at Hannover Industry Fair 2012 - Hall 4 Stand F24/2, (16)

China is partner country of the most famous industrial fair of Europe this year!...

Magento-Article as purchase request

Magento configure Price on request

Konfiguration von Artikeln im Magento - Web-Shop System als Preisanfrage ohne und ohne Preisangabe sowie ohne Möglichkeit, den Artikel in den Warenkorb zu stellen.

Veyton - Show Individual Text in Order Positions

Bei einer Standard-Installation eines Veyton 4.0 Web-Shopsystems wird die Möglichkeit, individuelle Kommentare zu einer Bestellposition zu erfassen nicht automatisch freigeschalten. Der Artikel beschreibt die einzelnen...

NBTM - Sinterparts from the Chinese Market leader - supply of  individal drawing parts from China

China Report - Supplier country with perspective

Chances for the China Business - cooperation options for European enterprises of metalworking industry

CHINA - CHINA Supply market with perspective- purchase and production in China

froMOS at the Z2011 in Leipzig

    The Subcontracting fair is held in 2011 in Leipzig this year from 1. until 4. March. The froMOS GmbH is exhbitor in  Hall 5 (C33) . You can personally inform...

Impressionen EXPO Shanghai 2010 CHINA

EXPO Shanghai / CHINA 2010

Field report for a visit of EXPO Shanghai / CHINA 2010.

Mini-Hoists from China - Products from China (China Shop)

Mini-Hoists from China

The froMOS GmbH is a procurement partner for european customers. Together with his Chinese partner enterprise, froMOS offers machining and manufacturing services for a production of custom manufactured parts (drawing parts) ...

Typo3 4.3 felogin - Session lost

With Typo3 Version 4.3 felogin system extension you should take care for the following fact: If yyou are using YAML Framework, efa_fontsize Javascript file should have a actual version, specially the file cokies.js. You...

froMOS-BMS for free download available

 froMOS offers a free download of a complete renewed CRM System for medium sized enterprises. froMOS-BMS is optimized for Microsoft Vista Betriebssystem. The Database Inteface BDE is...

froMOS Job order production in metalworking industry of China

-one  alternative  way in the economic crisis  - custom manufactured parts from Chinese metalworking industry  At times of finance- and economic crisis, also affecting to automotive industry in...

Chinese Powder Presses NEW in our sales program

froMOS extends the product palette with mechanical powder presses from China. Therefore contracts where made for supporting the whole European Market.

froMOS Cash- and Eventregistrationsystem for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Add on Cashmodule for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Mechanical powder press

Function-Principles and Application-Advantages

Contaminated stainless steel from China in Hesse (Germany)

Steel-producer's in China are required by law, to take proper care, that all delivered products will be free of radioactive contaminations. At purchase time of raw material, this fact is documented by an appropriated supplied...

Open Source Portal Saxonia

After one year the project Open Source Portal Saxonia was closed successfully. froMOS was together with 9 other Saxony Companies involved  in the  project  development process. The Portal is active since...

froMOS integrates a Workflow module for the CRM system froMOS-BMS

With the Integration of the workflow module in froMOS - BMS the user gets a lot of new possibilities automatic mails based on state changestime based dispatch of complex reporting formulas per mail for different usergroupstime...