Fertigung Beschaffung und Einkauf in China

Fertigung in China
Sinterform- * Kaltfliesspress- * Stanz- und Biege- * Guss- * Schweissteile * CNC Bearbeitung

Fertigung Beschaffung und Einkauf in China

Herstellung in China
Keine eigene Vorortpräsenz in China für eurpäische Unternehmen nötig...

Fertigung in China

Beschaffung in China
Kein eigenes finanzielles Risiko für eurpäische Unternehmen...

Serienfertigung individueller Zeichnungsteile in China

Serienfertigung in China
Individuelle Teile mit technisch organisatorischer Betreuung aus Deutschland...

Beschaffung Einkauf Zulieferung China

Zulieferung aus China
froMOS Komplettservice für die metallverarbeitende Industrie...

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froMOS company profile (Taucha / Leipzig / Sachsen / Deutschland)

Since 1994, froMOS software is available. The main service of froMOS is the development of individual software solutions.  The main business of froMOS is the development of software at one hand and at the other hand the organization and mediation of cooperation contacts to Chinese production industry.

The main service of froMOS is the development of individual software solutions (CRM - ERP - Cash and POS Systems). This includes  analyzing and developing tasks to help organize the data management of a company. 

A big range of standard-modules for various areas (sales, order-management, offer-management etc. ) gives froMOS the possibility of realizing client specific tasks quickly and in an easy way with price/performance ratio.

froMOS has been developing the software solutions in order to offer his customer largest possible product range.
This way programs of other manufacturers can be integrated easily.(PPS, EDI, online- addressdublett-check,
internet shop). The customer gets the product as an entity. For this froMOS
established the required partnerships in the past

In a second  business area  froMOS works as a service partner for  European enterprises, willing to develop activities in China, without  a need  appear locally in China.  

froMOS has made contract based relations with different  Chinese enterprises  and can also support you if you plan to transfer some production to China (job order production, part production metalworking industry).


Jens Froherz - CEO froMOS GmbH

Jens Froherz - CEO of froMOS GmbH in Taucha near Leipzig (Germany - China)

Jens Froherz gratuated at the Technical University of Chemnitz  with speciaization production process organization in conection with computer sience.

His main part is in the field - development of enterprise software solutions - focus SEO Marketing, Webapplications, CRM, ERP and POS.

In connection of the China activities of froMOS, the whole marketing and web-organization is in responsibility of Jens Froherz. Caused by his technical study and different expirations in CRM projects with view of process optimization Jens Froherzis also contact for all technical and organizatorical questions in the field of production in China.


e-mail Contact:   jens.froherz(at)fromos.de

Skype: jens.froherz



Dr. Ing.Dr.oec. Bernd Froherz - Associate of froMOS GmbH

Dr. oec.Dr.ing Bernd Froherz - Gesellschafter der froMOS GmbH in Taucha bei Leipzig (Deutschland - China)

Bernd Froherz is a specialist for sinterpresses and he worked a lot of years in the development powder presses

Summarized results of this work can be found in his Opens internal link in current windowDissertation paper .

In the field of "Global Sourcing China" of froMOS ist Bernd Froherz is your technical and organizational contact for all questions round about manufacturng in China.  

His focus lies on the support and technical clarification of requirements in case of production in China as well as a coordination with Chinee specialists. 


e-mail Contact: bernd.froherz(at)fromos.de

Skype: bernd.froherz



Lin Sheng - CEO of froMOS Export partner enterprise in China

Lin Sheng CEO des froMOS Export-Partnerunternehmens in China

The handling of our production in China is done by our partner enterprise, owning all required export-licenses, acting as your direct contract partner in China.

The Chinese partner enterprise under leadership of Mr. Lin Sheng is linking the best and most suitable manufacturer in China in sub-contract and he is organizing the shipment between China and Europe as well as a second quality control before shipment.

As specialist for manufacturing Mr. Lin Sheng will guide you personally, if you want to get a  own view of our producton in China.

All Chinese manufactures, working together with our export-enterprise, are leading companies in there fields in China and they offer the full range of production processes in metalworking industry.