Fertigung Beschaffung und Einkauf in China

Fertigung in China
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Fertigung Beschaffung und Einkauf in China

Herstellung in China
Keine eigene Vorortpräsenz in China für eurpäische Unternehmen nötig...

Fertigung in China

Beschaffung in China
Kein eigenes finanzielles Risiko für eurpäische Unternehmen...

Serienfertigung individueller Zeichnungsteile in China

Serienfertigung in China
Individuelle Teile mit technisch organisatorischer Betreuung aus Deutschland...

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Zulieferung aus China
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Correct understanding of technical customer requirements - precondition for a successful collaboration with China

The technical requirements of European customers are documented by technical drawings, characterizing the final conditions of the concerned machinery part.

Graphical expositions, dimensions with shape-and position tolerances, material specifications as well as the additional descriptions of the manufacturing process like hardness details or information about the surface treatment document clearly the machinery part, which is to manufacture.

A technical base education is the precondition to understand correctly and totally the technical requirements of technical drawings.

For complicated spherical structures with different views, cuts-and single expositions as well as specific technological process demands the claims for the pragmatism evaluation ability are often very high and callbacks at the developer for definite clarifying of detailed coherences are not avoidable in many cases.

In addition it is to consider, that the drawings are digitized for the machining with CNC-machines and special software must be available for understanding the contents and for using in the following manufacturing process.

Global operate companies acquire their technical documents and drawings in most cases bilingually, in the native language and English.

For manufacturing in China these documents must be translated therefore in Chinese, postulating a high level of linguistic and technical comprehension.

But before, all contents of technical drawings must be explained to the Chinese specialist particularly in English for avoiding of any ambiguities.

It is a significant precondition, that the European viewer of concerned customer drawings has understood the mentioned contents completely by himself in order to explain to the Chinese specialist all details in the right way and in the best linguistic form.

Only in this case it is possible to translate a complicated coherence with simple words and simple sentences understandingly. Of course the Chinese specialist must have also a high level of technical knowledge for ensuring best comprehension.

The own understanding of the technical requirements of the European customers is based on a very close contact to the customer by the Chinese representative in Europe personally, by phone and by e-mail and the customer is also interested in transferring his technical requirements to the Chinese manufacturer completely and correctly with minimized own efforts under support by the Chinese representative.

Not the brilliance in handling of the foreign language is the decisive point, but much rather the apprehension and comprehension of complicated technical contents in Chinese.

In order to achieve this aim it is not required to travel personally to China for discussion all detailed requirements of technical drawings with the Chinese manufacturer, but the right understanding by the specialist in Europe in real close contact to the European customer and the intensive communication with the Chinese specialist in connection with the right attitude and suitable linguistic expressions in keeping the necessary endurance will ensure the success.

There is the evidence, that European quality requirements can be kept to the best satisfaction of European customers in case of subcontracted supplies from China under series conditions.

The froMOS GmbH has available the required technical competence as well as the linguistic ability to comprise and to transfer translated complicated technical contents in close contact to the customers to the Chinese partner company in such a form, that the technical contents of concerned customer requirements will be understood completely.

Today nearly all technological processes are working in China on base of CNC-controlled machines and for the programming of such equipments the knowledge and the handling of digitized 3-D-drawings by using of AUTOCAD-systems is a precondition for it.

The more it is important, that the Chinese specialists have understood completely the technical requirements of the European customers for working on base of Chinese professional versions of the European drawings.

For that purpose the Chinese partner company is preparing in most cases 3-D-expositions on base of the European drawing-requirements for checking the own comprehension of required cohesions on the one hand, but also on the other hand in order to document and to demonstrate this understanding to the European customers.

European customers are appreciating very much these intensive contacts with the froMOS GmbH in preparing of the manufacturing of machinery parts in China, because the customers know only on  this base the preconditions for high qualified parts supplies under series conditions can be created and on this way the own attainments for supporting the manufacturing abroad can be reduced to a minimum level.

Under these circumstances the collaboration with China is directly comparable with a regional cooperation, but normally the price-performance-ratio is much more favorable.