Fertigung Beschaffung und Einkauf in China

Fertigung in China
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Fertigung Beschaffung und Einkauf in China

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Fertigung in China

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Overview Manufacturing Methods China

Casing in chinese Metallurgy

Casting methods with lost models, like sandcasting able to produce precisions of +/- 1.5 at a 300mm length.
Caused by the simplicity of the production method sandcasting, it is highly practiced also today. Higher qualities can be reached by methods using permanent casing dies. Example for this is the chill casting, where material comes into the chill under pressure, throu gravitation or cenrifugal force.  

The highes qualities are available by investmentcasting methods. The qualities reach +/-0.5mm at a length of 300mm. A surface accuracy up to Ra 6.3 can be reached.  In comparision sandcasing come to a accuracy of Ra 12.5. The micro structure of the casting part is improoved and more complexe forms are available. The model for investmentcasting parts can be produced for example with injection die casting methods.

Other methods are inherited from rapid prototyping. Models are lost models of smeltable, gasifiable or fluid and solvable model material.

Forming Metallurgy China


Extrusion fullfills all requirements of DIN 8583 for pressure forming. At the massive forming process a hollowware or a solid part is produced in one or multi step process.

The material is flow under high pressure. A die presses the raw material in the form giving cavity having a smaller diameter. With cold extrusion the process happens at room temperature, causing high quality for the form and surface. 

Die Forging

Die forging uses warmed up raw material with existing base form and comes to his final form by pressing it in the bottom die. The upper die is beating at the raw part and is producing the  final dimensions. 

Hammer Forging

Hammer forming is a pressure forming methode with tools running against each other. The final form of the part develops with the target-oriented guidance of the tooling and with control of striking momentum of the hammer tool. 
(Method examples: forging, impression, rolling, extrusion, folding, folding, stretching, crushing)

Folding methods for conduits and plates in China

in this array different methodes are supported. In a swing-folding process a plate is strained throu a upper flange. Folding happens with the pivoting of the flange.  Die bending or bending is offen used in the chinese industrial plate manufactoring. Bending of conduits is done by special conduit bending machines. 

Stamping methodes

In processes high performance stamping machines where used often. Separate production steps like welding, flanging, clinching and wrap processes are integrated follow-on composite tools. While stamping flat parts where produced by a cutting tool in a press.   

Sintermetal Parts from China

Chinese Sintermetal part Producer are counted among the leading enterprises of powdermetal materials in the world. Based on using leading technologies and raw material of words leading suppliers parts can be offered with the highest technical possible qualities. This parts fullfill quality requirements of automotive and other compareable industry sectors.

Common Methods of CNC Manufacturing   metalic material in China

Cutting methodes, getting the new form in removal material cohesion at machining position, are often supported by CNC technic for relevant time- and quantity requirements.  Methods like sawing, filing, turning, milling, drilling, lapping, planing, honing, broaching, grinding as well as thermical cutting, truncating, Verfahren wie Sägen, Feilen, Meißeln, Gewindeschneiden, Reiben, Stoßen, Drehen, Fräsen, Bohren, Läppen, Hobeln, Honen, Räumen, Schleifen sowie thermisches Trennen, Scheren, electro erosion done with modern technologies.