Fertigung Beschaffung und Einkauf in China

Fertigung in China
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Fertigung Beschaffung und Einkauf in China

Herstellung in China
Keine eigene Vorortpräsenz in China für eurpäische Unternehmen nötig...

Fertigung in China

Beschaffung in China
Kein eigenes finanzielles Risiko für eurpäische Unternehmen...

Serienfertigung individueller Zeichnungsteile in China

Serienfertigung in China
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Beschaffung Einkauf Zulieferung China

Zulieferung aus China
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Reasons for outsourcing of single machinery parts to China

General situation for companies of the machinery industry in ChinaThe increasing industrialization in China in the second half of the 20th century was the reason, that machines from abroad was bought indeed, but the wide scale for covering of the own need was mainly ensured by reproductions or clones.


This was ok, as long as the concerned machines were mainly characterized by mechanical-kinematic-systems in connection with relay-controls and a 100% accurate clone could ensure the success.

With the increased use of electronic elements and with the raising digitalization of the control-,measurements-and drive engineering in connection with high sophisticated and high –precise hydraulic and pneumatic systems the achievable accuracies and speeds in manufacturing of concerned machine systems were more strongly determined by news of science and technique and more and more the machines are demonstrated as a “black box “, which inside was decisively determined by software solutions and for outsiders it was really difficult to understand the machines.

High productivity of the concerned machinery systems with ensuring of very high accuracies and extraordinary high stabilities in process to the same time was the result.

In the first time China could compensate by enormous conventional machinery and personal efforts this scientific-technical forward motion of the foreign countries, but soon it was find out, that only by purchasing of comparable machinery systems from abroad according to the high sophisticated international standard the high quality requirements of concerned final products could be met.

To a high degree this process was influenced by the erection of factories as international shareholdings and also the own export efforts of China did support this development.

In this connection there were no restrictions by the foreign countries concerning to the scientific-technical level of the equipments, which were sold to China and this was the reason for a racy scientific development in the production areas of different industries in China within less years and today a comparability to the international standard of the leading Chinese industrial branches is given absolutely.

In opposite to the East-European countries, where an investment-impulse to such a huge extent on the highest scientific-technical level couldn’t be realized.

Advantages of a co-operation with Chinese factories for the European companies

Chinese factories have diagnosed for years that it is only possible to meet comparable European quality standards, if the same good equipments for the production process and the quality-controlling are available.

The increasing privatization of industrial companies was conducive in this connection and the attitude of the employees for working has been changed basically.

Thus no serious distinctions are consist any more in comparison of leading private Chinese industrial companies to top European enterprises, excluding the bigger number of unskilled workers in China, who can be used instead of automatic solutions more economically yet.

That means for the European interested customer regarding to the wage work, which is to realize in China, that the European quality standards can be met also under the aspect of a high process-stability.

Also under consideration of about 10% of the unit price as shipping costs the attainable price-performance-ratio in China ensures significant purchasing-advantages for the European customers, which will lead to much better chances of the final European products  on the world market.

Just in time-deliveries are also normal as usual in Europe, if you consider one-time a delivery time of 5…6 weeks for series deliveries in the beginning.

Especially advantageously for wage works in China are these parts, which postulate the development of a tooling. So et. al.  casting-, forging-, cold flow pressing- or sinter metal parts.

The costs for the developing and manufacturing of tools are very favorable, compared on a European scale. Furthermore the European customers have to pay only 50% of the real tooling costs, because the tools won’t pass on into the ownership of the foreign customers, but the Chinese Producer will keep it.The using of the tools only for the parts of the customer can be guaranteed despite.

Under the aspect of the big size of China and the proverbial kindness of the people the real problem of the outsourcing consists of in that to find the best suitable manufacturer in China for the respective product, who is able to meet all requirements of quality, price and delivery time and who will be a real reliable supplier.

For solving of this problem you need Chinese specialists, who know the Chinese market in detail and who have the best stable relations grown in years to concerned manufacturers for different products and technologies and where you can rely on their information here in Europe absolutely.

The froMOS GmbH has available such excellent relations to China and is working very strong together with a Chinese export company, which is regulating all necessities of the manufacturing of products in China including the controlling of the finished products and which is organizing the shipping to Europe in a reliable way and in time.

From this point of view it is unnecessary, that the European customers have to be active in China by themselves, because they are working together with partners, who know best the Chinese Market and who have the required relations available and finally who will take over the guarantee for the quality of the delivered products.

The controlling by the customer himself consists in that, that the quality confirmation of the samples in result of own inspections will be the precondition for getting the release for series production and delivered series parts will be paid first, if the incoming inspection of the customer has confirmed the adherence of the required quality parameters of the ordered products.

In this connection the froMOS GmbH is your contact firm all the time here in Europe, but without of additional rewards for this service.

The contract partner of the European customer is always the Chinese export company, which has the license available for export of manufactured machinery parts and in acting on the instructions by this Chinese company the froMOS GmbH will keep close contact to the European customers.

For years the froMOS GmbH is working together to the best satisfaction of concerned European customers as well known suppliers of the automobile industry and the Chinese export company is ensuring solidly all wanted supplies with a high stability in process, particularly for the delivery of parts just in time for automatic assembling lines.

Please contact us, it is a pleasure for us to help you !